Friday, February 14, 2020

Project Update from Jeremy Bartlett - Firm Principal

So excited for the opportunity and thankful to have this project coming out of the ground! To have a client trust us based on our knowledge, experience and track record is so rewarding. Professionally it's taken a very long time to climb the mountain. Twenty Seven years in fact. It often feels like I am alone on this climb and it's impossible. But than I get a moment like this and I see the Summit. For an Architect there's added solace after so many years investing in the craft and honing their skills in a lifelong sacrifice of time and energy. Most Architects are just waiting for that opportunity to show what they are capable of. A landslide or life storm might take away our chance to see the dream fulfilled. Perhaps it's just another unnoticed building you will drive past. But for an Architect that building provides an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. It's reaching the pinnacle achievement. Our completed projects speak to me and say all of that sacrifice was worth it. And to that I say keep climbing that mountain, set your goal and don't let any obstacle get in the way of your dreams! hashtagarchitecture hashtagarchitects hashtagarchitect

Link to the project progress - Evin at Oconomowoc

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