Saturday, November 2, 2019

Renaissance Assisted Living of New Berlin

It's not easy to design, build, license and open your first Assisted Living Home!!!! Starting with nothing more than a dream and an empty plot of land; today we are Celebrating with Renaissance Assisted Living of New Berlin and Congratulating Owner/Operator Sheila Balistreri on their Grand Opening! Building from the ground up and lifting our clients up! That's what separates us and what we do with our 20 plus years of Senior Living Design experience. Our goal was to design the perfect space which was homelike, peaceful, secure, private but yet focused on incorporating the ideal staffing arrangement to serve the resident's needs. When the project is completed and the result is a home whereby we would welcome our own parents and grandparents to occupy I believe we have succeeded. We truly are blessed to have clients that trust us with their livelihood and remain a joy to work with even under pressure!!! Thank you Sheila for taking the risk to venture out and make this world a better place!!!! Congratulations Renaissance ASL!!!!

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